Butterfly Dreams

     In ancient Taoist Chinese philosophy, there was a sage, Zhuang Zi, who had a dream that he had become a butterfly and derived pleasure from flying. After he awakened he asked whether he was a man who had dreamed he was a butterfly, or if a butterfly was now dreaming that he was a man.

We are living in a dream of dreams. If you don’t dream, life has no interest and no meaning. Everybody has dreams at different levels - both waking and sleeping. Here, there is an undeniable connection.

In this show we are using dreams as a vehicle to explore humanity. Awake? Asleep? It does not matter. Do we dream that we dream?

The show presents the audience with a reflection of their own life. It is exploring the edge of the waking and sleeping worlds where humanity can examine itself. 

          PROLOGUE:  Butterfly or man? The question is asked.

WATCHED POT:  Xiao Lu Sheng gets hungry and prepares a pot of rice. As he awaits his meal he falls asleep and dreams that he attains great power. Do we dream out our lives?

LESSONS: What are the lessons that we learn in life? Who teaches us and who affects us? Are we ourselves, or are we someone else?

PASSING:  In our lives we are surrounded by many people. But we are frequently alone. Our encounters are often brief and flow away as quickly as they arrived.

SECRETS: There are dreams that we choose not to share. Thoughts that compel us to seek higher goals. But these thoughts and dreams are ours alone.


         • SHADOW:   Who are we? What is the dialogue we have with ourselves which draw us through our everyday existence?

          • WELCOME:  Are we oppressed? Who is our Master? When is the welcome inevitable? When is it not?

          • EPILOGUE: Butterfly or man? The question remains unanswered.


Conceptual Artist, Designer, Sculptor, Choreographer and Performer - Hua Hua Zhang

Director, Technical Designer and Lighting Designer  - Bart Roccoberton Jr.

Composer and Musician  - Bruce Gremo

Collaborator & Performer - David,Regan

Performers: Ceili Clemens, Faye Dupras, Mo Pomerantz and Samah Assaf


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