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The goal for the Art in Education program is to share Chinese culture, art and theater, to inspire students and let them know everyone has potential for art. Students will open their minds and use their imagination in creative ways. I would like to focus on the learning process rather than the final presentation.

This program is designed for K to 4th grade students.

This project focuses on an introduction of Chinese culture and folk art. Students will study the mythology of Chinese dragons and their origin. They then are able to create dragons in different ways. They will learn Chinese calligraphy for the word “dragon,” draw dragons and sculpt dragons. They will make a small shadow dragon to perform on the shadow screen. They can make a large festival dragon and dance with it. Students will also learn cooperation when they work as a group to perform the Dragon Dance.

Project 1: Draw Chinese Dragon

Project 2: Introduce Chinese Calligraphy

Project 3: Make a shadow puppet and learn how to perform

Project 4: Chinese Dragon Dance

This program is designed for 5th to 12th grade.

Students will learn Chinese Calligraphy, folk art, craft and some of history of Chinese art. Students will experience Multi-Art work with Chinese stylized design, pattern and color.

Project 1: Chinese Palace Lantern

Project 2: Chinese Paper-Cut

Project 3: Chinese Calligraphy


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Chinese Dragon Residency

Chinese- Folk Art Residency