Dream of Land  地之梦

In ancient Taoist Chinese philosophy, there was a sage, Zhan Zi, who had a dream that he had become a butterfly and derived pleasure from flying. After he awakened, he asked whether he dreamed he was a butterfly, or if the butterfly was dreaming that he was a man. I would like to invite the audience to embrace and explore this ambiguity of self and create their own reality through Dream of Land.

The inspiration for the show came after my recent trip back to China. There, the young generation of Chinese, like many Americans today, dream of overnight fame and success, and their ambition led me to question myself and my own journey. When I was living in China 20 years ago, I had neither any self perception nor an artistic identity. Now, I have a voice and am free to pursue my dreams as an artist. Yet, I was never truly satisfied with my works and kept pushing myself. I felt tired and frustrated, but the voice inside was ever critical and demanding. Then, I started to wonder: How much is enough? What is the true meaning of success? I have come to conclude that the Self is a mysterious entity. And much of  Dream of Land is about elucidating that mystery because just maybe, the answer to finding true happiness has been within us all along.  -  Hua Hua Zhang


A BABY IS BORN - The self is released into the world

THE CURIOUS EYE - The self looks out and discovers the world

THE VOLCANO - The self is filled with tremendous energy

LONG SLEEVED WOMAN - Life is sacrificed for one’s own dream

THE HAPPY LITTLE ONES - Some are able to live without anxiety or destructive ambition

ESCAPE FROM THE MIRE - The self struggles to go its own way

CLASH OF THE ROCKS - When the self becomes overly competitive, the consequences are tragic

MOTHER OF LAND - The self fails to learn and returns to where it began

UNDER LION MOUNTAIN - The self discovers how to love itself

EPILOGUE - The self continues its search for itself

Creator, Artistic Director, Puppet and Installation Sculptor - Hua Hua Zhang

Writers: Hua Hua Zhang & Michael Cocchiarale

Composer and Sound design - Cory Neale

Lighting Designer: Federico Restrepo

Technical Installation Designers: Bao-ming Zhang & Andrew B Duvall

Costumer: Laura Lomascolo

Performers: Hua Hua Zhang, Connor Henry, Leah Ogawa, Muyu Yuan, Chad Williams, Linh Valerie Pham, Guidong Zhou, Adam Danoff and Laura Lomascolo

Photographer: Richard Termine

Videographer: Rob Coccagna


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