Puppetry is a unique art form. It serves as a theatrical medium, and has endless potential for artistic expression to people of all ages and backgrounds. Both Eastern and Western puppetry have started to influence each other in contemporary theater and performing arts. Hua Hua's Visual Expressions is committed to using puppetry to share Chinese culture, Chinese folk art, Chinese stylized performance and Chinese puppet theater with students who are interested in learning about this art form.

Chinese Puppet Theater - Classes and workshops for qualified participants are offered in Chinese stylized movement; Chinese rod puppet manipulation; long sleeve dancing with Chinese rod puppets; dragon dancing and Wu Da (Chinese stage combat for humans and rod puppets). These classes and workshops are individually designed for university students as well as professional and experienced puppeteers.

Movement with Objects -  Visual Expressions also offers workshops for dancers, actors, visual artists, composers and musicians who would like to use puppets in their projects and want to learn puppet manipulation techniques and how to perform with puppets. We focus on training performers how to move gracefully with puppets including focusing on the relationship between performer and puppet.

Hua Hua Zhang as a guest artist teaching at University of Connecticut. The students learn Chinese stylized movement, Long Sleeve Dance, Dragon Dance and Stage Combat.

For Professional Theater & Dance Projects & Universities


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Hua Hua gives the Movement with Objects workshop at KYL Dance Studio with dancers.

The participants are focusing on “Stage Combat” to learn and apply the Chinese performance techniques.

Bridge Between Body and Puppet

Hua Hua Zhang share her vast experience in and knowledge of Chinese rod puppet manipulation and style with the participants at Pre-National Puppet Conference at The Eugene O’Neill  Theater Center on June, 2012 & 2014 . She all also gives a workshop at National Puppet Festival in 2013

Photo by Richard Termine