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- Hua Hua Zhang donated her puppets “Nu Wa” “Eamon” “Three Concubines”  and masks  “Soul Voice” in CHINA CHENGDU SHADOW PUPPET MUSUM in 2013

- “Best Creativity” Award 2012

Butterfly Dreams received an award  for “Best Creativity at The 21st UNIMA Congress & World Puppet Festival in Chengdu, China on June 3, 2012. 

About “Butterfly Dreams” 

Hua Hua Solo Installation Exhibition

Open at Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia PA 2013

Installation performances photos by Photographer Johanna Austin

- DANCE USA 2014 “Rocky Award”

Hua Hua  Zhang received a “Rocky Award “ from DANCE USA, PHILADELPHIA at FringeArts Center in Philadelphia PA on Sep. 15, 2014. The Rocky Award celebrate outstanding achievement in a production, a performance, a set design, or other accomplishment in Greater Philadelphia's dance community.

  1. -Hua Hua’s new version of the “Shadow”

Hua Hua as a collaborate artist performed with Kun-Yang Lin /Dancers newest production: Be-Longing - Light & Shadow at  Drexel University Mandell Theater on March 2014.

- Hua Hua Perform Tan Dun’s Orchestral Theatre The Gate with Hamberg Symphony in German 2013


               Dream of Land  地之梦

opened at Asian Arts Initiative

Visual Expressions newest multi-art production Dream of Land  opened at Asian Arts Initiative on February 26 - March 6, 2016.

Dream of Land is innovative, interdisciplinary, and cross cultural show. It explores how balance might be found between the desire of worldly achievement and the desire for inner peace. Through live sculpture, hand puppetry, shadow puppetry, dance and theater, performers enact a series of dreams—about the quest for oneself.

Dream of Land was created by Visual expressions and presented in partnership with Asian Arts Initiative. Generous support has been provided by The Jim Henson Foundation. See more.

Photos by Richard Termine

Hua Hua Zhang’s solo exhibition “The Dragon Boat Dream” is open at Philadelphia International Airport Exhibition from May 20, 2016 to January 31, 2017.


White Nights  白夜

The show is working in progress

Hua Hua Zhang received a commission to create an installation & puppet art performance for The Asian Pacific Traditional Arts - International Puppet Art Festival in Taiwan in 2017.  Visual Expressions will give three performances and a week-long residency at the Lizé International Puppet Art Colony. The theme for the Festival in 2017 is ‘When traditional puppetry encounters the contemporary’ and the project that Hua Hua will do will be called White Nights. This project will gives Hua Hua Zhang an opportunity to honor the tradition of puppetry as well as take a risk to push the limits of traditional puppetry into contemporary.

Dream of Land  地之梦 is invited to perform at The Ellen Stewart Theater in La Ma Ma, NY for the International Puppet Art Festival in 2018.

2017 - 2018 will be very exciting and creative years for Visual Expressions. We are looking for artists to join us who put their heart and soul into the art. Artists who are grounded in tradition and are willing to explore new ideas. Artists who are willing to spend time developing the skills of puppet art performance.

White Nights  白夜  at FringeArts Festival 2017!


Interview artist Hua Hua Zhang by —Isabella Siegel, FringeArts Festival


See more info and photos about work in progress of White Nights