Shadow Mask Theater Level 1

This project is designed for 5th to 6th grade students.

Students will explore contemporary Shadow Mask Theater. We will adapt the famous Chinese novel, Journey to the West, to create a show called Monkey King’s Adventure.

This project is multifaceted. Students will learn some Chinese literature and  culture. They will design and make a shadow mask. They will learn how to design and create scenery with two overhead projectors. Students will participate in a performance with masks on a large shadow screen (12 ft W x 10 ft H). The program will contain creative activities and will also develop teamwork and cooperation skills. We will play Monkey King’s Adventure”, “ The Mouse Bride”, “The Ox and The Monkey” and more.

Puppet Art & Performance

Multifaceted Projects For Schools

Shadow Mask Theater Level 2:

This project is designed for 7th to 12th grade students.

Students will learn Chinese folk art, craft and some history of Chinese art. Students will experience Multi-Art work with Chinese stylized design, pattern and color. For the Shadow Mask project, students will create or adapt the story, to design and make a mask, to explore image and scenery on the shadow screen and video presentation at the end of the project.



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