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Tian Wen: Heavenly Questions for Modern Times

            Inspired by a classic Chinese poem, Tian Wen is an experimental puppetry performance that uses living sculpture, stylized movement, and live music to depict universal human experiences that Hua Hua Zhang has observed since journeying to America in 1996. In the individual segments--or dreams--of the performance, Zhang explores themes of loneliness, competition, compassion and self-reflection, as well as the balance between love of self and love of other. The show is still a work in progress.


Hua Hua Zhang - Artistic Director, Puppet and Installation Sculptor, Co-Writer
Adam Danoff - Production Manager, Stage Manager
Michael Cocchiarale - Co-writer 
Cory Neale - Composer and Sound Designer
Federico Restrepo - Lighting Designer
Nai-Ni Chen - Guest dance artist for performance ‘Water’

Nan-Cheng Chen – Cello Performer

Performers: Hua Hua Zhang, David Regan, Travis Draper, Jeanne Lyons, Adam Danoff and XingXin Liu

World Premiere at Ellen Stewart Theater La MaMa NY  - Nov 3, 4 and 5   Purchase Tickets

Preview performance at Asian Arts Initiative  FringeArts Festival Philadelphia - Sep 19 and 20   Purchase Tickets


Quotes from previous productions

          “[Hua Hua] pulled a vulnerability out of me that I’m not used to experiencing. This is probably the biggest superpower that her puppetry has (and great puppetry in general) – we feel far more empathy for these constructed characters than we do for live bodies on stage.”      
- Bonaly review of White Nights


            “Theater, dance, pantomime, and visual art combine to offer a well-calibrated interdisciplinary experience.  Hua Hua Zhang tells the coming-of-age story  with honesty, openness, and candor indicative of great wisdom and maturity.  [Her] splendidly-crafted puppet characters/objects are physical abstractions of the life cycle.”      - Rhonda Moore for thINKingDANCE

          “Zhang's art is a modern interpretation of puppetry.  Her contemporary style blends the essence of East and West and gives every audience a unique feeling.”  

– Dan-Yu Tang for Metro Chinese Weekly