White Nights  白夜

World premiere at Lize International Puppet Art Festival in Taiwan  November 17, 2017

Hua Hua Zhang received a commission to create an installation & puppet art performance for Lize International Puppet Art Festival in Taiwan in 2017. The theme for the Festival in 2017 is ‘When traditional puppetry encounters the contemporary’ . This project gives Hua Hua Zhang an opportunity to honor the tradition of puppetry as well as take a risk to push the limits of traditional puppetry into contemporary.

Hua Hua Zhang - Creator, Artistic Director, Puppet & Installation Sculptor, Performer.

Michael Cocchiarale - Co-writer

Collaborative Performance Artists: Bhob Rainey - Composer&Musician, Gamin Kang - Composer&Musician, Chad Williams - Performer, Elizabeth Weinstein - Performer, Travis Daniel Draper - Performer, Jeanne Lyons - Performer, Yuzheng Liu, (Performer/Taiwan) Siwei Huang (Performer/Taiwan)

Video 3:45min.

Review article by Asian Arts Alliance Nov. 7, 2017


Interview artist Hua Hua Zhang by —Isabella Siegel, FringeArts Festival




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