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The Bell 钟

The Bell is based on two legendary Chinese characters, Pan Gu and Nu Wa, who in the void of emptiness create the universe and life. Through a mixture of dependence and independence, a society is formed and people build a communal centerpiece in the form of a large bell. This bell brings joy and a sense of unity. However, hidden within society's glory and pride, there is fear, suspicion and jealousy. That which is made as a symbol of society becomes the wedge of society's undoing. How easily can the world turn upside down?

Premiered at Studio Theater of University of Connecticut in April of 2000 as Hua Hua Zhang’s thesis production.

Creator, Puppet Designer, Sculptor & Choreographer - Hua Hua Zhang,
Director - Bart Roccoberton. Jr
Composer - Liang Liang
Performing by Theater Department and Puppet Art program students of University of Connecticut in 2000.

E1, s1 Egg
Bell _1
E1, s1 Pan Gu's eye
Bell 32
Bell 18
Bell 3 _1
Bell 24
Bell 20
Bell 27
Bell 28
Bell 23